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Inspection and Testing

HLB will identify the presence or absence of a hazardous material and the risks associated with It. Whether your building’s potential problem is Lead Paint, Mold, Radon or Asbestos, HLB maintains the credentials and expertise to fully inspect and test for the hazardous material as required by the needs of your insurance, buyer, funding requirement or personal project. Contact Us for a Quote

Planning and Design

Based on the findings of the hazardous material inspection performed at your building, HLB will develop a plan and design a strategy that will guide you or your contractor through the remediation process. The plan will specify the process to deal with the hazards both safely and within the regulations. The plan can act as a contract between the owner of the property and a contractor. A plan is the basic tool to ensure your project succeeds.

Monitor and Confirm

To ensure the remediation plan is executed as prepared, HLB will monitor the activities of the project. Whether you or your contractor are performing the remediation activities, HLB will be present to oversee that project is performed both safely and within the regulations. Following the completion of the project, HLB will verify the project is complete and clean. A report will be prepared as will be required by your insurance company, buyer, funding requirement or personal project.

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Asbestos Quote

Understanding Your Asbestos Quote

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As a prospective client needing asbestos consulting services it is important to understand how different companies quote.  There are differing methods used to quote a client in order to earn business.  First the consultant will ask many questions to gather the appropriate information such as:  what is the purpose of the inspection, what is the

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EPA Waste

Don’ Forget Universal Waste

When renovating or demolishing a building it is common to think that lead paint and asbestos should be handled with care.  But what about the other potential environmentally hazardous materials that may be in the waste stream.  This question often comes up with my clients.  The client wants a quote to consult on asbestos and

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Lead Poisoning Continues to Threaten Children

Lead-based paint has recently made headlines in several cities and for good reason.  As reported in the Kansas City Star on June 11, 2016, for every increase in 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood a child’s IQ drops 4 to 7 points.  I didn’t do the research but I am sure the loss

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HAZCOM, The Right to Know, Global Harmonization and the SDS (No more M)

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OSHA estimates that 30 million workers are exposed to at least one of almost three-quarter of million hazardous chemicals regularly during their careers. The Department of Labor, through OSHA, believes that employees have the right to know what chemicals they are exposed to, the hazards associated with the exposure to those chemicals and how to

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HLB Environmental is a full service Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment ESA, Asbestos, Mold, Lead Paint and Radon Environmental Consultant. We serve Missouri and Kansas. We are not an Abatement or Remediation Contractor and though we are not an abatement contractor, HLB will have highly qualified contractors offer competitive bids on your project. HLB will perform the required inspections and consulting and handle all aspects of managing the project. Our philosophy is that third party consultants provide value to your environmental needs through honest and accurate findings and advice. We believe this system has the client’s best interest in mind. Our services include: • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments: call for details • Asbestos: Inspections, Management Planning, General Consulting • Lead-Based Paint: Inspections, Risk Assessments, Project Management, Project Monitoring, Project Design and General Consulting • Mold: Inspections, Project Management, Project Monitoring, Project Design and General Consulting • Radon: Inspections • Property Management: Nationwide Environmental Consulting • Training: Lead Paint Awareness, Asbestos Awareness, RRP and Lead-Based Paint Training Coming Soon • Industrial Hygiene: Call for Details If you don’t see our service listed above, call anyway. We can coordinate services that meet your needs or may have updated our credentials and not our website. Our goal client happiness, measured by how tight the hug of application is when we’re done. Do you want to know how we can serve your business, click on the link above in this page that specifies the type of business you are and hopefully we offered reading that is of interest to you. Call HLB Environmental any time awe are happy to talk to you at your convenience. As a small veteran owned business, we can answer the phone Monday through Sunday, if we don’t answer, leave a message and we’ll get back to you rapidly. HLB looks forward to hearing from you.